Northern Kentucky Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
9/29/2016   NKY Chamber Foundation 16-17 Donations
12/31/2016   LNK Alumni Dues 2017 and Donations
5/31/2017   5 Tips To Increase Your Sales By Just Being A NKY Chamber Member
6/6/2017   Women's Initiative Golf Outing or Golf Clinic
6/7/2017   Northern Kentucky United
6/7/2017   Government Forum with Legislative Leaders
6/15/2017   LNK Thought Leadership Series: Neuroscience and Storytelling Leadership
6/20/2017   Eggs 'N Issues: Improving Productivity Through Workplace Design
6/22/2017   Getting the Most from YOUR Chamber Membership
6/26/2017   Women's Initiative Connecting Shore to Shore
6/27/2017   5 Tips To Sell To Different Generations
6/29/2017   LEGACY CEO Luncheon with Pat Crowley
6/29/2017   HR Roundtable: Hiring Practices and Skills/Workforce Gap Discussion
7/10/2017   Basic Spanish for Business I
7/11/2017   STEM DAY OUT Girls/Boys
7/11/2017   STEM DAY OUT - Girls Day


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