Northern Kentucky Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
7/19/2018   Northern Kentucky Young Professionals - NKYP Passport
6/17/2019   GROW NKY: Gateways for Growth Data Release
6/18/2019   Women's Initiative Annual Golf Outing & Clinic
6/20/2019   Business After Hours at Grandview Tavern
6/22/2019   NKYP Tour & Outing at FC Cincinnati vs. LA Galaxy
6/24/2019   Women's Initiative CONNECT Hour - Florence Freedom
6/25/2019   Workforce: Employer Legal Round Table June 2019
6/25/2019   Sales Essential Workshop - LinkedIn Connections That Help Drive Sales
6/26/2019   Pints & Perspectives: Marketing the Region Nationally
6/27/2019   NKY International Trade & Affairs: What's Your Incident Response Policy After A Cyber Security Data Breach?
7/11/2019   HR 100 - Igniting Passion Within Employees: Designing Organizations for the Workforce of the Future
7/13/2019   Small Business, Smart Owner, SATURDAY Series: Understanding Financial Data for Business Loans
7/16/2019   Eggs 'N Issues: Changing Career Mindsets
7/17/2019   Workforce - Safety Forum: July 2019 - TBD
7/18/2019   2019 NGLA Celebration
7/19/2019   2019 NKY United
7/23/2019   Sales Essential Series: Design Success
7/25/2019   NKY International Trade & Affairs: Utilizing This Region's International Students
7/29/2019   Women's Initiative Connecting Shore to Shore 2019


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